Fresh Tomato Sliced, Red Onion, Green Pepper/Jalapeno Pepper, Tossed With Special Dressing

R 35.00


A Pastry Shell Filled With Lintels, Onion, Green Pepper & Here's Served With 2 PCs

R 35.00


Ethiopian Lentels & Mustard Salad Simple With A Tang & Spice Mustard Dressing

R 35.00

Combo Starter

Salad Sambuusa, Hot Spice Azefa Tes Of Ethiopian Solytone

R 45.00



Ethiopian Style Chickpeas Sauce, Seasoned Chickpeas Cooked With Onion & Special Spice

R 80.00


Ethiopian Lental Stew, Crushed Red Lentel Cooked With Special Peri Peri Sauce

R 80.00

Veg Combo

A Mixture Of Well Seasoned Vegetable Dish Missior Hot, Kike Alicha Shiro, Cabbage, Spinach And Special Mix

R 100.00

Main Menu

Doro Hot

Spicy Ethiopian Chicken Stew (Tenderly Cooked Leg With Traditional Spiced Chicken Stew Served With Boiled Egg)

R 100.00

Siga Hot

Chuck Of Beef Shreded In Season In Butter & Garnish With Onion & Pepper

R 85.00

Lamb Hot

Yebeg Hot Freshly Sliced Lamb Meat Cooked With Peri Peri (Chilli Powder Base Stew)

R 85.00

Chikenita Tibs

Beef Cut In small and marinated with ethiopian spice and lightly cooked vegetable oil

R 100.00

Meat & Veggie Combo

A Variety of our most of the day taste of Ethiopian menu of our vegetarian and meat dish combo

R 120.00

Dry Tibs

Beef or lamb meat tender with Ethiopian spice cooked well done(dry)

R 120.00


For spaghetti lovers, cooked spice sauces all dente mix vegetarian or meat sauces

R 85.00

Plates For 2
Plates For 2
Plates For 6

R 220.00
R 440.00
R 640.00

Drinks Available

Drinks Selected: Ethiopian Beer, Ethiopian Honey Wine(HTIJE), South African Beer, Wine & Soft Drinks